Service Center


Techical support is a critical element of the overall user experience and it is also very important for the product experience with quick operation and high performance. In this respect technical service is one of the important part of the technical support.  

Our technical service team aims for operation of your equipment with high efficiency for more than ten years. If service is needed, we provide you with quick and competent support and ensure that your product can be used for long term with high performance.

In this respect it is required regular maintenance and repair for the product under use.  During troubleshooting and repairs original spare parts are used for your equipment.

For that reason our service departmant provide you quick support on the Repair and Maintenance services for:

  • Fujikura, Fiber Optice Splicing Machines and Speciality application Equipment
  • AFL, Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (OTDR) and other Test and Measurement Equipment

At your first contact we do our best to solve your problems remotely and if the problem is not solved on field, we request the equipment to be shipped to our Service Center and fix the problem with the equipment in our Service Center. The turnaround time for repair is about 24 hours after receiving the equipment to our Service Center. We do give our 7/24 technical support to our customers which they have bought the products from us. 

Register your Fujikura or AFL product  here for future service requirements and notifications from our company:


Training Courses

Our company offers training courses in fiber optics field. Through these courses, you will gain an understanding in fiber optics & communication, installation, testing procedure and equipment. You will also learn how to make the right decisions in choosing the most suitable equipment for your Projects and Applications.

These courses include the theoratical and hands-on skills training to provide the practical understanding and skills required to specify, install, test and maintain fiber optic networks in many outside plant and inside plant applications. The course is designed to provide an understanding of fiber optic technology, how fiber works, various link components as well as industry standards and best practices.

The theoretical and practical trainings are also given for the products, especially for Fujikura and AFL Products, which we sold to our customers.

At the end of the training courses, a training certificate is given to the participants.

Basic trainings topics are:

  • Basics of Optical Fiber
  • Application of Fiber Optics in Telecommunications Field
  • Optical Cable Design
  • Optical Network Design for several Telecom Applications (Backbone, FTTH, Data Centers, etc.)
  • Optical Cable installation on field and required tools and equipment
  • Testing Procedures of Optical Cables and required tools and equipment
  • Training on the use of basic testing equipment and applicable international standards
  • Hands on training on Optical Fiber Splicing Machine and OTDR

Depending on the customer requirements on the above topics, the Schedule of Training is decided mutually with the customer. More detailed training courses can be provided for each topic mentioned above.    

Consultancy Services

Fiber optic technology is expected to play a major part in the World’s growth. The Research and Market studies shows that the annual growth will continue to increase for the fiber optic market, meaning more industries will be looking to the solutions presented by this technology.

One of the key component in the Telecommunications field is the optical fibercable which is a type of cable that has a number of optical fibers inside and used in fiber optic communications to transfer digital data signals in the form of light up to long distances.

Our Company who acts also as a project consultant in providing services to its clients by way of preparation of project reports an the Manufacturing Plant for manufacturing Optical Fiber Cable are mainly:

  • Desktop Study (Investment Plan Feasibility ROI based on Market Conditions)
  • Deciding on Fiber Cable Manufacturing Capacity depending on the local market requirements
  • Based on the decided capacity choosing the appropriate Optical Fiber Cable production and process Control machinery, equipment and tools
  • Choosing the appropiriate Test and Mesurement equipment for the labaratoriesbased on the cable types to be produced
  • Executing the installation and setting up the above machineries, equipment and tools in the manufacturing plant
  • Choosing the appropriate raw materials for Fiber Optic Cable Profuction
  • Comissioning of the cable manufacturing plant together with the machinery manufacturer to produce prototype cables
  • Testing the protoype cables in the labaratory based on internatioanal standards

Our comapny is ready to support you and is ready to provide consultancy services for all the phases or any phase of the above process during investment stage or mass production stage of your optical fiber cable manufacturing plant.