AQ6373B Görünür Dalgaboyu Optik Spektrum Analizörü 350 - 1200 nm

Ürün Kodu KOC6HE

The AQ6373B is one of the latest additions to the AQ6370 Series of Optical Spectrum Analyzers. With the ability to provide high speed, accurate analysis of the short wavelength range between 350nm and 1200nm, this OSA is well suited for a broad range of applications. The AQ6373B can accelerate the development and manufacturing of short wavelength lasers, passive devices and LEDs as well as equipment that uses these devices for the biomedical, material processing, consumer product and telecommunications markets. With built in color analysis capabilities and remote command compatibility with the AQ6315, the AQ6373B provides an upgrade of capabilities, speed and performance for current AQ6315 users.

AQ6373B Visible Wavelength Optical Spectrum Analyzer 350 - 1200 nm

Wavelength range: 350 to 1200nm

Wavelength accuracy: ±0.05 nm

Wavelength resolution: 0.02 to 10 nm and 0.01nm (400 to 470nm)

Max safe input power: +20 dBm

Level sensitivity: -80 dBm

Dynamic range: ≧60dB

Single-mode, Multimode, and Large-core fibers

Built-in optical alignment source

Wavelength calibration with an external reference source

Various analysis functions including the Color analysis function for VIS