AQ6375E Long Wavelength Optical Spectrum Analyzer 1200 to 2400 nm and 1000 to 2500 nm

Ürün Kodu 3UQNLD

High Performance LONG WAVELENGTH The AQ6375E covers not only telecommunication wavelengths, but also the SWIR region which is often used for environmental sensing and medical applications. ・Lineup of 3 models [Standard, Extended and Limited] ・Covers wavelengths 1200 to 2400 nm [Standard, and Limited] 1000 to 2500 nm [Extended ]

Key feature summary

  • Lineup of 3 models [Standard, Extended and Limited]
  • Long wavelength range:
           1200 to 2400 nm [Standard, and Limited]
           1000 to 2500 nm [Extended ]
  • Gas purging ports to reduce water vapor effects
  • Built-In cut filter for high order diffracted light *
  • Double Speed Mode to further enhance fast measurement speed
  • High sensitivity down to -70 dBm *
  • High resolution to 0.05 nm *
  • Wide close-in dynamic range (55dB) *
  • Fast auto-calibration
  • Free space optical input for maximum flexibility, low maintenance, and high reliability  
  • Applicable to single-mode and multimode fibers
  • Excellent performance for environmental gas sensing Laser Spectroscopy 
  • Indispensable tool for R&D and manufacturing of optical devices in the wavelength range from telecom band to 2.5 μm 

      *Except Limited model

New Features

Purge feature

Due to the high resolution and sensitivity of the AQ6375E, it can actually detect the presence of water molecules in the air. The water vapor is detected in the upper Near-IR wavelength region and could overlap with or mask the spectral characteristics of the actual device under test in that particular region.

By continuously supplying a pure purge gas such as nitrogen to the monochromator through the ports on the back panel, the AQ6375E can reduce the influence of water vapor absorptions and provide more reliable and accurate measurements than ever before.

Built-in cut filter for high order diffracted light *

Due to the diffractive technology used, the monochromator in some circumstances could generate high order diffracted light, which appears at wavelengths equal to the integral multiple of input wavelengths.

By cutting incoming light below 1150 nm with the built-in filter, the AQ6375E drastically reduces the influence of high order diffracted light on the measurement. Thus, the measured data are always reliable and replicate the real signal under test.

* Except Limited model

Double speed mode

Increases the sweep speed up to 2 times compared to the standard sweep mode, with only a 2 dB penalty to the standard sensitivity value.

Long Wavelength Range: 1200 to 2400 nm [Standard, and Limited], 1000 to 2500 nm [Extended ]

The AQ6375E covers not only the wavelength span used in communications, but also the 2µm region which is used for environmental sensing, medical, biology and industrial applications.

High Sensitivity: down to -70dBm *

The AQ6375E can measure optical power from +20dBm down to -70dBm thanks to its high-dynamic and very low noise components and circuits used for photo detection. This enables precise measurements of both high power and low power sources.

Measurement sensitivity can be chosen among 7 values according to the measurement speed required by the specific test to be performed.

J011 Tm Aq6375 02
The spectrum of a white light source (yellow) and the background noise of AQ6375E (purple)

      *Except Limited model

High Resolution & Wide Dynamic Range *

The AQ6375E uses a double-pass monochromator structure to achieve high wavelength resolution (0.05 nm) and wide close-in dynamic range (55 dB). Thus, closely allocated signals and noise can be separately measured.

      *Except Limited model

High speed Measurement


High Speed Sweep

With a proprietary sweep technique the AQ6375E achieves a much faster sweep speed than conventional measurement systems, which use a monochromator. Max. sweep time is only 0.5 sec. for 100 nm span.

Fast command processing and data transfer


Applying a fast microprocessor, the AQ6375E achieves very fast command processing speed and Ethernet interface provides up to 100 times faster data transfer speed than GP-IB.

Fast auto-calibration

The AQ6375E has a built-in reference light source for wavelength calibration and optical alignment of the monochromator components, allowing it to deliver always-accurate measurements. 
The calibration and alignment process takes less on the unit take than 2 minutes and is fully automatic. 
NOTE: The wavelength calibration can also be performed by using an external reference source.

Free-Space Optical Input

The AQ6375E uses a free-space optical input structure, i.e. no fiber is mounted inside the instrument.

J011 Tm Aq6375 06

This smart solution is:

  • WORRY-FREE, as no internal fiber can be scratched or get dirty
  • MAINTENANCE-FREE, as no internal fiber has to be cleaned
  • VERSATILE, as the instrument accepts both /PC and /APC connectors
  • DUAL PURPOSE, as the instrument accepts both Single-Mode and Multi-Mode fibers without being affected by the high insertion loss from MM-SM fibers matching


DUT-oriented test apps simplify the test process

The appplication mode (APP) transforms an OSA into a versatile machine dedicated to a device under test (DUT). APP mode provides a DUT-specific user interface that navigates the user from configuration settings to test result output without worrying with other OSA settings. The AQ6375E comes pre-installed with several standard applications including DFB-LD testing, FP-LD testing and SC light source testing. Additional optional applications are available for download from the Yokogawa Test&Measurement website.

AQ6380 Optical Spectrum Analyzer App Menu | Yokogawa Test&Measurement
APP menu window

AQ6380 Optical Spectrum Analyzer APP WDM Test | Yokogawa Test&Measurement
SC light source test application